A Letter of Recommendation for Ayahuasca

They say we should preserve the Amazon rainforest to save from extinction maybe a potential miracle drug but actually it’s already been found.  Some call it ayahuasca, others yagé; what it cures is psychological pain.  It is not a recreational drug it is a medicine.  To be taken as needed, under the direction of a metaphysician, it fills you with confidence and clarity. Shows exactly right. The ritual lasts a night and a day.

It’s fun but it’s difficult.  The acrid brew renders the drinker totally incapable of motor function, and liquefies bowels.  Which purge is necessary- it empties all toxins and humiliates the seeker to total surrender.

The first Americans crossed into a virgin world and multiplied over time and became incredibly diverse or perhaps already were, sampled every meat berry root mushroom herb vine nibbled it smoked it cooked it in a stew.

Stumbling curious brilliant creatures intoxicated by all of creation exploring like children communicating fathoms with eyes need plenty of assistance and love often times.  Anyways always enjoy receiving it, and better, allow others opportunities for altruism.

A bigger lady who’d obviously not heeded the advice about abstention in the days prior unleashed unimaginably violent retching and inhuman guttural cries while weird animals howled in sympathy.  Her uncontrollable farty diarrhea disturbed nobody, it was perfectly natural and expected.  I made some room for her to cuddle.

Wrapped in insularity throb-staring at nature I loved.  Then like rubber I stretched out into the orbits of beings.

Taita giggled to lighten our mood cause that’s what God also is:  Fun.  Clucking ta ta-t-t-ta at an incredible rate of speed while rattling a feather shaker thing the Parrotlord performed a leaping twisting stomp songs dance amidst billowing smoke to the drums flutes and guitars of his savage helpers under an enormous multicolored headdress, held deep contact with eyes, checked in, read my thoughts, saw I was okay, and sped my flight into woo choo choo.

Shamanism.  Real Black Magic.

Potions and incense and fire.  A people addressing their ghosts, aided by all of the others.  I have never been of a gathering so kind and considerate, so attentive and attuned, it was like we had that what?  Connective energy.  Yeah and we could read each others’ minds.  Telepathy.  If someone stood confused for two seconds poof a tender guiding hand appeared. If an individual rose quickly from his blankets-nest the entire organism adjusted to assist him.  ‘Ayudame’ got your hand held or body carried to wherever you cared to ejaculate vomit and shit at the same time, where your assistant left you alone with your privacy and the people deafened their ears and averted their eyes in respectful humanism.

That’s the way:  Respect.  Unconditional immediate devoted respect for every sister and brother – the distinction blurring really, as doing that together instantly dissolves superficial distinctions between boys and girls – alive.  

A spinning rock hurtling through a black empty void.  The People all alone together, clinging to our Mother.  A small church deep in the jungle.  Smoke column rising to a faraway cloud.  Lush verdant greenery splatterpainted by a smorgasbord of tattooed orchids spider dangling- why do people treat each other so bad?

A journey into the realms of the mind.

Super all of everything at once.  Highways of association creating attachment creating craving creating suffering.  Past and present meld into a continuous stream.  A woman dancing, then collapsing and sobbing, then rising and screaming, was is doing all these things simultaneously; like an extended-exposure photograph her incarnations remain on the screen translucent-dynamic, filling the ether with ghosts; evidence of her impermanence, the primacy of Now.

Don’t try to control the astral plane part of it my spirit guide said, simply listen to the soul of yourself.  Which is the same soul in all of us.  The sublime in you is what’s in common with me. We think the same way about anything when we think with our internal God.

Cool visuals and moans like of sex pleasure because yagé is a powerfully orgiastic hallucinogen.  Geometric patterns upon eyelids, friendly nymphs, streaks of light, the buzz of the bees from behind; then came the total unlocking of the subconscious mind.

Animal fear howls, naked struggles, snake-demon exorcisms, cries of enlightened joy. God i – shall foreverafter show nothing but love to myself.  Why wouldn’t how couldn’t I?

Taita congratulated me with a particularly depth plunging eyelazerbeaming. Sustained glances with every one placed in my path expressed exactly what words skip around.

Next hour long millisecond yagé showed me death.  Fireblaze shadows became glowering gargoyles led to what is there to be scared of—nothing?  Exactly.  Because I cannot possibly be aware of being dead, I will never Be dead.   Because existence only exists in my brain, it is impossible to experience death.  So it’s never gonna happen to me.  The span of my lifetime is the definition of infinity.  I am immortal.  Immortal in Paradise.  Cool.


Jamembley qu’chay she said, blinking her eyes.


One thought on “A Letter of Recommendation for Ayahuasca

  1. i see u see we all see see
    good job in there in here where we are all, for one,
    all right everywhere, all ways, always
    sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssomewhere someday somehow
    u now are

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